We develop tailor-made programs that will make your organization more cost-efficient.

Our objective is not merely about reducing your costs but to help you sustain those reduced spends while maximizing your firm’s business value. An effective and long-lasting cost optimizing strategy will act on 2 main levers to achieve those results:

Process reengineering in order to improve your operational performance and increase your organization’s business efficiency.

Developing and implementing an aggressive purchasing strategy that is sustainable and that spans across all your organization’s areas of spending.

Our sectorial and functional expertise allows us to develop a fit-for-purpose plan within only a few weeks in order to support your management in making informed decisions that will have a substantial and sustainable positive impact on your bottom line.

Project achievements

Major engineering group in France

Implemented a comprehensive operational cost optimization program leading to 12% overall savings. The company turned profitable after years of losses and doubled its stock market value.

Large actor in the tourism industry in France

Put in place an aggressive cost killing program leading to 30% savings on the operational scope that was managed.

Air transportation company in France

Implemented operational cost optimization program leading to multimillion of savings and kept the company from bankruptcy.

American Oil and Gas leader in the Middle East

Redesigned supply chain processes based on TCO and reevaluated stock value differences over the BOT period.

Multinational chemical industry in Belgium

Implemented a full lean maintenance program based on six sigma methodology.

Public social security institution in France

Audited cost structure and put in place quick win actions leading to significant savings.