BCS Group's mission is to help its clients optimize their operational & capital expenditures and support their teams with highly qualified resources.
BCS Group operates in various disciplines and industries worldwide. Our main services are:

  • Operational Cost optimization – We improve our clients' operational & financial performance by implementing sustainable cost optimization programs. Our programs act on two main leverages: organization & procurement.

  • Project Procurement Management – We optimize our clients' projects budget, schedule & quality by managing all procurement and contract activities on projects. We ensure achievement of projects within budget.

  • Sourcing in Low Cost Countries – We help our clients take advantage of low cost alternative solutions by sourcing reliable suppliers in India & China.

  • Marketplace – We optimize our clients' non-strategic operational expenses by joining our marketplace. This service is only available in France.

  • Technical Assistance – We empower our clients' projects teams worldwide by procuring highly qualified resources. We are specialized in different industries such as, Oil & Gas, Energy  and Healthcare.