Our main objective is to optimize our clients' operational cost and help them improve their financial & operational performance.
Our cost optimization program is easy to implement and deliver quick, sustainable & quantifiable results. It acts on two main leverages that have direct impact on results: Organization & Sourcing/Procurement.

1 | Organization

We develop a complete company restructuring program based on the company's long term strategy and cost structure. The program takes into account the operational & financial performance of every service, department and subsidiary.

We design new organization, reengineer main business processes, and write all needed procedures and new job descriptions.
When it is feasible and necessary, we help our clients outsource part of their administrative functions such as accounting and marketing to qualified local or international service providers.

We help our clients implement the new organization and manage changes and communication all through the project.

2 | Sourcing / Procurement

We develop and implement a structured and comprehensive approach to purchasing goods and services on a global company-wide basis. Our Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Plan is organized into four phases:

  • Phase 1 - Audit: identify & assess the procurement organization, the stakeholders, the goods & services, the needs and the suppliers.
  • Phase 2 – Design: redefine the needs and the new sourcing strategy.
  • Phase 3 – Source & Contract: implement the new sourcing strategy.
  • Phase 4 – Follow-up: implement a continuous improvement program based on real quantifiable results.

Our Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Plan covers all areas of spending including production, services and contract manufacturing.

Quick wins and fast track projects are identified and targeted during the project. If necessary, an independent quick win project team is set up to manage tactical opportunities and deliver quick results.

We provide proven methodology, leading practice experiences, knowledge, project management and coaching.
When deemed adequate, we provide as part of this program some specific sourcing in low cost countries such as India and China.

We deliver measurable results with substantial positive impact on company's bottom line. Our program also enhances many intangible benefits to the firm in terms of communication, business focus and co-operation among business units.