We source reliable suppliers for low cost alternative solutions through our partners in India, China and Russia. Hereafter are examples of some products we source.


Pressure Control Valves (all industries), Packing Machines (pharmaceutical industry), Packing Rods (Oil Industry), Safety Gloves (all industries), Instrumentation Devices (Wika type), Transformers (all industries), Power Switchgear, Power and control cables, Castings & forgings.


Steel Pipes & Tubings (Oil & Gas or others), Gaskets, Joint Tubings (Oil & Gas), Safety Clothing, Anti-Riot Shields (Police), Chemicals (Calcium Hypochloride, Soda Ash….), Basic Electrical Consumables.


Machined Parts, Anti-Ballistic Helmets, Basic Metal Sheets / Profiles (Ukraine), Basic Mineral-Based Products like Aluminum Sulfate.


Depending on the type of product, we obtain from 20 to over 50% cost savings.