Today’s challenges

In today’s ever changing market place, Marketing can not be improvised and are no longer an option. While big companies are surrounded by increasing diversity of touch points and e-channels, most of SMEs today place little emphasis on their communication and occasionally delegate this responsibility to unexperienced people within the company.

BCS Marketing integrated approach

Dealing with expanding marketing activities, companies need to work with a wide range of talents, and at the same time, they need to develop a comprehensive, structured and integrated approach. BCS Marketing covers the whole marketing value chain from early company goals and objectives definition to the entire campaign implementation.

With a business oriented and measurable solutions, our methodology will help you structure your campaign, implement it and monitor it, while staying within allocated budget, in accordance to global company objectives and KPI’s.

The one stop shop

BCM provides you with an all-in-one solution that avoids wasting your time searching for the right provider for each project within your campaign… Our Market-Place allows you to work with the best people on the market (logo Designer, web Designer, web Developer, art Director, Writers, PR, Event planners…) and to choose the most relevant experts for your project, budget and industry.

Using the BCS One Stop Shop will:

  • Provide you with acute feedback
  • Keep you up to speed with the latest technologies and market trends
  • Make your campaign more creative and powerful
  • Supply you with low and measurable marketing costs


  • Marketing Strategy
    • Market study
    • Positioning
    • Targeting
    • Message
    • Branding and corporate identity
  • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Strategy
    • Social Media
  • Channels
    • Web
    • Events
  • Technology intelligence, patnered with: